bath abbey artist

Hi, I'm Shelley and I'm a fine artist living in the West Country in the UK. As well as having a passion for art I also love travel, literature and cooking. I am fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and 2 tearaway cats!
Shelley Ashkowski studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University and has a BA(Hons) Art and Aesthetics and PGCE Secondary Art & Design. With over 20 years of secondary teaching experience Shelley has developed a broad range of skills and knowledge in art. In more recent years Shelley has shifted her focus from her teaching to her own artistic endeavours and this is how Ashkowski Fine Art was born.

Shelley enjoys observing everyday life in urban settings so people and places have become a key feature of much of her work. "My work is a commentary on the modern world. The urban landscape presents a conflicting scene: beautiful and ugly; quiet and chaotic; a place of happiness and sadness. Through my work I seek to observe the turbulent relationship between man and the world he created." Shelley's work is widely recognised for its painstaking attention to detail and level of precision. She takes influence from a broad range of artistic styles including Pop Art, Documentary Art, Photorealism and Architecture.

Shelley's most recent series of work explores the structures and symbolism of religious buildings. Her portfolio includes studies of churches and cathedrals and there is a particular emphasis on the stories told in stained glass windows of these buildings. "I have always had a love of religious architecture, especially Gothic cathedrals. I find stained glass windows awe-inspiring; not only are they ever-changing - responding to external light sources - but they also embody intriguing stories often told through symbolic imagery and colour. Often stained glass windows and other architectural features are difficult to fully access due to their location within a building and this has inspired me to interpret them through the medium of painting, celebrating their aesthetic value with everyone."

Shelley is an associate member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art which is highly regarded nationally for its excellence in drawing. She has exhibited her work in a range of galleries including in Bath, Bristol and London and she has a keen following on social media. Shelley is a loyal member of her local community and has supported a range of charities and other causes through her work.

Recent Exhibitions & Events

Mar 2019
Commission for Stellasoft at the South West Business Growth Summit
Jun 2019
Bath Society of Artists Open at Victoria Gallery, Bath
Art House Café, Melksham
Oct 2019
Society of Graphic Fine Art Open at Menier Gallery, London
Dec 2019
Gallery DU 808, Bristol
Pound Arts Open, Corsham
Mar 2020
Art of Communication Exhibition at 44AD Artspace, Bath
Aug-Oct 2020
Bath Art Exhibition at Art Gallery SW
Nov 2020
Elected Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021
Bath Society of Artists Open at Victoria Gallery, Bath
Nov 2020 - May 2021
Royal West of England Academy Open, Bristol
Jul 2021
Society of Graphic Fine Art Open at Mall Galleries, London
Sep - Dec 2021
Art Gallery South West Air Ambulance Charity Exhibition
Oct - Nov 2021
Bath Society of Artists Open at Victoria Gallery, Bath
Apr – May 2022
Bath Abbey (Solo Exhibition)
May – Jul 2022
Bath Society of Artists Open at Victoria Gallery, Bath